What and Why?

The computers in our pockets are more important to our daily lives than the computers on our desks. Unfortunately, they are architecturally closed and seem to be designed to funnel their owners into barrage after barrage of advertising and other marketing traps, rather than to help us perform our daily tasks.

In the desktop computing world, individuals and small businesses can assemble their own computers to meet whatever specifications or requirements they have. Parts are available and systems can be designed and assembled by anyone who is technically minded and capable of attention to detail. These white box computers (in the past, they came unbranded and in a plain box) can be built for speed, for storage, for gaming, or for cost.

We want similar open, flexible computing architectures in our pockets.

The objective of this project is to help develop a robust, architecturally open pocket-portable hardware ecosystem. That is, to help provide hardware openness and diversity similar to that of the desktop computer market.

We'll be working with a few key principles, which we will have to compromise from time to time in order to move things along.