Waveshare 5.5" AMOLED Screen

The Waveshare 5.5" AMOLED is a Raspberry Pi-compatible, HDMI-driven AMOLED touchscreen.

It has good visual fidelity and good touch fidelity. It is fairly available worldwide as Waveshare has distributors in a variety of countries.

Perhaps most valuable, it comes in a kit that includes PCB-based Micro-HDMI to HDMI and USB connectors. These small, flat connectors save space in your build and save you the hassle of looking for flat, skinny, angled cables for your design. The connectors are designed to fit a Raspberry Pi 4.

Unfortunately, the reliability of this screen is poor. Of the three that I purchased, one stopped working within a month and a second self-destructed when a screen protector was placed on it.

Never place a screen protector on a Waveshare 5.5" AMOLED screen

The screen started to discolor after the screen protector was gently applied to it and fell apart when the screen protector was gently removed.