The Feasible

Independent. Adaptable. Accessible Parts. No Soldering.


Make One

Software Installation

The Feasible is the first independently built smartphone to be made using only highly/flexibly available parts without soldering or custom PCB fabrication. It has the ability to run both Android and Linux.

There are several existing Raspberry Pi-based phones.

  • Dylan Radcliffe's rCrumbl runs Raspbian but requires a specific cellular module
  • The Zerophone is small and lightweight, but is designed to act as a feature-phone (to make phone calls) rather than a smartphone (a pocket computer).
  • David Hunt's PiPhone is small but, like the ZeroPhone, uses specific parts, is designed as a feature phone (make phone calls), and requires soldering.

However none of them performs the computing tasks that most people expect of a smartphone while also not requiring soldering.

The Feasible is intended as a platform that will enable independent design and manufacturing of pocket portable devices that can perform the tasks that most people expect of smartphones in 2021.